We did some stuff, and other stuff, blah blah blah…

Greetings from the least reliable blogger on this side of the world:)

Truth be told, not many eventful/memorable things have happened here in Giresun, however, to quote my mother, mother-in-law and most likely all of my grandmas, “We don’t care, just write about your daily life.” So, here it goes, you (they) asked for it.

Since I last posted we have moved apartments… and people, let me tell you, this place is excellent. A few of the highlights include three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large kitchen and a large family room. Though, the highest “light” of them all is the wrap around balcony and view. I wanted to post a video of said view but, since I am cheap and have not purchased the “premium” WordPress package, this is impossible. Thus, I will provide a link to my FB video I recently posted. Click here.

This is a photo of Ted gazing out into the unknown.

Insert Lion King quote here

Insert Lion King quote here

Although we are very pleased with our new place, it has become clear to us that their version of the word “finished” is rather different than ours. We have had quite a few problems. During our first two weeks in the apartment we had a new guy in every day (not exaggerating) fixing something different (or refixing something that the first guy didn’t fix.) Though, I am certain that many renters have experienced similar situations and most of ours have been short lived, it is not so easy to relay problems to someone who speaks zero English (lots of ridiculous miming.)

Anyway, on our first day a plumber (our land lord called him a Water Master, and it was awesome) came over and “fixed” a leak on our balcony. Later that night, Kenny and I were in the middle of a heated game of Bananagrams (obviously) and we hear a splash and then gushing water. The Water Master needs a new name because he really blew it. Which brings me to the point of this story: Kenny thinking he is brilliant with his self-made, rudimentary piping system. Guys, it was adorable. Let me set the scene. On our balcony we have a hole in the floor leading to a drainage pipe. This drain is inconveniently located about a foot away from the gushing pipe, meaning: giant puddle everywhere. Thus, my husband creates this:



Kenny wanted to relay the fact that these pictures do not do justice to the level of engineering that went into this complex contraption. I mean, wow guys, there is a ramp fashioned out of tin foil, a water bottle cut “just so” as to precisely funnel the stream, a foil “splash shield” to avoid further water on our floor, even a strategically placed mop to silence the water flow. It was beautiful, it worked, and Kenny won because I was skeptical. However, victory was fleeting because unfortunately, this near masterful device had one (rather obvious) weakness: a paper towel roll used for propping up the bucket (in order to direct water into the foil ramp.) Paper towel rolls (known for their absorbency) do not hold their form when water logged. Though a valiant effort, we woke up to massive mess and I got to say, “I told you so”.

Needless to say the place was a work in progress. Our heater leaked and resulted in an about a centimeter of water filling the entire room… Obviously this lead to an epic wet mop fight, which obviously lead to Kenny taking it too far and mopping me in the face and getting dirty floor mop water in my mouth and eyes.


We like to think of each little bump as an adventure:) As I was saying before, my favorite part of the apartment is the large wrap around balcony. In order to properly take advantage of this feature we needed outdoor furniture. We picked out a nice little set and brought it home. The assembly directions were quite long and in Turkish but Kenny decided he could figure it out on his own. After a fair amount of yelling and basically nothing but forcing pieces together with brute strength the job was done. Two mysterious bolts were leftover but who needs ’em? 

DSC_1084 DSC_1085

I would like it to be known that I was in charge of removing the stickers from the folding chairs and I performed my task without incident.

Anyway, let’s talk about Christmas! Kenny and I had grown quite used to the fabulous German Christmases. We loved the markets, the Glühwein and just the overall cheery vibe of the place. Thus, I was rather bummed about having to celebrate my favorite holiday in a Muslim country. I love everything about this Christian holiday and needed to have my traditional celebration. Luckily my fears were assuaged come December when Christmas decorations were everywhere! Trees, and lights, and ornaments, and even Santas! Apparently they have all those things for their New Years celebration. Albeit confused as to why, we accepted this fabulous news and we bought a lovely tree!

DSC_1087Obviously, we also created our annual Gingerbread house. Turkey does not have the traditional Nabisco graham cracker we know and love (much like Dußlingen and the marshmallow fiasco of ’12) so Kenny and I decided to “kick it up a notch” this time and make gingerbread from scratch!  Surprisingly, although a little burnt around the edges, they turned out quite well.

DSC_1050 DSC_1060 DSC_1064 DSC_1063

I will readily admit Kenny’s efforts usually proved more successful than mine when it came to Gingerbread architecture. Though I do not lack in creativity, it is typically execution that hinders my results (hence the laying down candy cane creation in the bottom right.)

It’s fabulous, we know.

Skeptical Ken face looking at Creative Emily

Skeptical Ken looking all skeptical at Creative Emily

We also made our yearly batch of Papa’s Famous Eggnog which, as per usual, was delicious (though I am told it pales in comparison.) Additionally, this year Kenny decided he is going to start a new tradition: Glühwein for Christmas dinner and there were no arguments from me. For our little Christmas feast we had a whole chicken, quinoa stuffed peppers, baked garbanzo beans, a broccoli salad, and, of course, the newly implemented mug of Glühwein:)

"Smile Kenny," - me

“Smile Kenny,” – me

Can’t forget Christmas Sweater Ted…


Sleepy Christmas Sweater Ted

Sleepy Christmas Sweater Ted

We also had a surprisingly successful New Year’s bash with Kenny’s team. It is no easy task to find a game that suits two languages and doesn’t completely suck. Party Party Jenga to the rescue! We (naturally;)) were fabulous hosts; everyone had a good time and toasted to the New Year with some exceedingly sweet Turkish bubbly and fireworks.

Here is a horrible quality iPhone selfie of us crazy kids that wasn’t permitted a retake…


“It’s blurry, can we take it again?” -me

Party Animal Ted on New Years

Party Animal Ted on New Years

Very excited news! We are expecting visitors next week! My parents are coming in for a fabulous adventure to Istanbul and Rome! Expect lots of extra wonderful pictures (extra, as I received an AMAZING new camera for Christmas from my thoughtful husband) and hopefully some entertaining stories. Hope you all had Happy Christmases and Merry New Years. Thanks for reading:)

Ted and I enjoying a cup of coffee on the balcony in our new furniture with my Grandma Hat on.

Ted and I enjoying a cup of coffee on the balcony in our new furniture with my Grandma Hat on.


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  1. Pretty sure that water drain system closely resembles a completely assembled board from the game Mouse Trap. In order to drain it did you have to roll a ball down a chute so a little bobbing man would cut the release line?

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