Baby Jetlag: A look into self-inflicted parental torture

Buongiorno, from Lugano, Switzerland!

After a long hiatus, “Emily&Kenny” returns with the vigor of a baby going after an unattended iPhone (i.e.: with unbounded enthusiasm.) Folks, we are very excited over here; as many of you may know, it has been rather a long year for the Frease family. Our life was in a prevailing pause for the better part of this year. We went through some major milestones as well. We were home (in The States) for longer than the last 5 years combined and also, oh yeah, we had a kid.

Our kid, Kenny… but we call him Beeps.


Kenneth Eugene Frease IV

Thus, this post is special to me as it is my first blog posting as a mama:) The blog will be relatively unaffected. It will still be a travel blog, just with several, several more baby photos. Also most likely followed by a (hopefully) hilarious anecdote of how baby Kenny made the situation just a bit more difficult. Lastly, no “mommy blogging” will be done.” I don’t know what the hell I’m doing… who would want to read about that?

Okay guys, so, wow, holy cow… Switzerland is gorgeous. More on that later.

TEN HOURS on a plane with a busy, busy, 11 month old. Husband Kenny left immediately so I was going to be on my own. I know what you’re thinking… she’s a masochist. Needless to say, this event ruled my every thought from the moment Kenny got the call about three weeks ago. However, my nerves (and dramatics) were considerably assuaged by means of my sister, Maddie. She offered to join us on the arduous journey and *bonus* she got to spend a few weeks in Europe as a reward:)


The happy, not yet sweaty crew pre-security check



“Here we goooooo…” – My internal voice in a nervous panicky tone

Great news though guys, my worries were for naught. My baby did fantastically well on the flight… I kind of still can’t believe it.Β  The whole time I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. The process of getting there was a little rough because babies do not travel light. We were sweaty messes unpacking and packing our car seat and stroller through security but we survived and enjoyed a well deserved beer afterwards:)

My tiny bit of “mommy advice” if you ever take a busy baby overseas… red eye flight with a reserved bassinet that attaches to the bulkhead. ‘Twas wonderful.


Sleepy angel bear

He slept for about an hour at a time in that thing for about six hours. When he wasn’t sleeping he just toddled around the bulkhead area with his post-it notes and toothbrush or used these adorable earphones to watch his Mickey.


Obsessed with his electric toothbrush… weird kid

He also quite enjoyed staring out the window.


“What is life?” – Beeps

Even I got some sleep on the flight… Honestly the whole thing couldn’t have gone better, like I said I am still in disbelief about it. I was really expecting a bloodbath.



Don’t worry though, the bloodbath came later in the form of baby jetlag. First night, we arrived in Lugano at around 1 AM. Thus, the baby went to bed a little before 2; which now, looking back, I can clearly see that this is around his normal bedtime in The States. I mean, he went right down. I was like, “Wowza, this is great! No problems.” How foolish I was. The next night he goes down about a little before 9 PM, again I was so pumped. I’d been reading about baby jetlag for awhile now so I’m on cloud nine thinking we dodged a bullet. Dumb, dumb, dumb, so dumb. The kid wakes up at 10:30 when we are going to bed. Wide awake. I’m talking running around the bed, squealing with glee, awake. This goes on for hours in pitch darkness. Kenny and I are snuggling him, rocking him in our arms, we pulled out Mickey on the iPad. Everything. Meanwhile, he’s a wiggly, laughing, insane person. The kid was wired and ready to be entertained. I can laugh now, especially since I was such a naive dunderhead, but it was misery then. The little monster finally zonked a little before 3 AM. He’s lucky he’s so cute.


“Who, me?”

Little by little he got better and better. He’s up with the times now. Thank the Lord.

Now, for for our new city, Lugano:) This is easily the most beautiful place we’ve ever lived in. The views of the Alps are stunning; especially for an Indiana girl. Our first day here Aunt Mads and I took Beeps to one of the bigger parks here. It’s really nice that everything is very close to our apartment on a map… but topographically speaking, yikes. Hills, on hills, on hills, guys. We’re not in Kansas anymore. Beeps best enjoy his park trips because Mama is tired.


He does, he does enjoy them πŸ™‚


Catch me Aunt Mads!

How ’bout that overlook there? Beeps has no idea. We tried it all. We conquered that park. He especially fancied the jungle gym. Actually, he was very displeased with me when I wouldn’t let him go inside further.



“See, I can reach, Ma. Lemme go”

The next day we ran some errands and let Beeps run around the courtyard area of our apartment complex afterwards. It is so nice to have a flat grassy space for Kenny to play. He likes to kick a ball around but mostly he just likes to run.


About to get smacked by Lighting McQueen. Oblivious.

And fall.

He falls a lottttttttttt.


Man down, and down, and down, and down.


Chase me!

The view from our place is lovely as well. Depending on the time of day Maddie and I take coffee or wine down there while Beeps runs around and tires himself out. It’s a nice little setup.


Everything the light touches…



Finally, a day or so later, Maddie and I took Beeps on a stroll to the Old Town area. This is where all the nice shops and restaurants are located by the waterfront (think Versace, Cartier, and Louis Vuitton.) Lake Lugano is a gorgeous lake nestled between Lugano and what I understand to be the “Pre-Alps.” It really is a stunning sight.

We ventured down to Parco Civico and strolled through the tulips and other gorgeous feats of greenery.



A sleepy Mr. Lugano, presumably (kidding, dude is sleepy, though)


There is just so much going on down there; it was so lively and vibrant. Beeps slept in his stroller through the whole thing. Mads and I had a nice time taking it all in and hitting some of the shops. Although we are pretty ticked at all the gelato vendors for not accepting card. Next time we will be more prepared.



We made a friend. Thanks for the pic, Giuseppe.

Thats our life so far! We are so happy to be back over here, even for just a little while. We visited Milan yesterday, so I am going to be writing about that as well in the next few days. We managed to drag Husband Kenny there; so he will be gracing you all with his presence in the photographs in the next one, I know you guys probably missed him.

Ciao and Cheers!

P.S. we are up 1 Kenny now, so once I figure out how to do it, the blog’s name will be changed. Stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “Baby Jetlag: A look into self-inflicted parental torture

  1. Thanks Em, loved the post & happy for all you guys. Take good care of my grandson & keep on eye on your au pair…, I don’t trust herπŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

  2. Happy to hear about you all being settled over in Lugano and to hear of Beeps!!

    My girlfriend and I will be in Milan for about 20 hours Wednesday May 30 and leaving at 9am on Thursday May 31!

    I do not know if it would be possible for you three to come down (we are staying by the train station) and get dinner or something.

    Would love to see you guys and maybe add Milan to the list of our European cities we explored together.

    All the best to Kenny, yourself and Beeps!


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