So Fondue of this Hill Areas Adventure #BadPuns

Yes, I stand by that title.

Bonjour, bonjour!  I’ve got to admit, guys… I’m a little proud of myself for not just posting once and then falling off the face of the earth this time. Patting myself on the back real quick, okay, now lets do this.

Last week, Beeps experienced his very first train ride. I am prone to making his “firsts” out into huge deals but I really think this was a cool one. First of all, K4 is a fan of trains. Granted, by fan, I mean he has a wooden train set where he likes to roll Thomas down the hill and chuck him across the room… but still, I mean, it gives him great joy to do this. Anyway, train or not… Beepsy boy got his own seat and got to look out a huge window at the passing scenery. His mouth literally fell open when the train started moving… We were in a tunnel even, thus… darkness. Luckily, I captured the moment. He was truly enamored.


Either “this is so trucking awesome” or “wtf is going on here”

The shock and awe wore off after a little while…



Haha just kidding, he looks so fat, I love it. He was actually pretty pumped for about 90% of the train ride up.


“Hi, Mom and Dad! This is so great, I love you!!!” …jk he just wanted more fruit snacks.

Also, I dressed my two Kenny’s alike and pretty much could not get over how cute it was all day long.


The kid has no clue


Good sports

It was a very lovely, scenic ride up the Rochers-de-Naye summit: stunning views of Lake Geneva and the Alps surrounding her.


Starting to think the entirety of Switzerland could be slapped on a postcard


The stunning Montreux Riviera

Our little family had a lot of fun on the train. I just get such immense joy out of seeing the world through his little eyes. He was glued to the window for so much longer than I thought his attention span could handle.


Probably spotted a bird


“Kisses for window! Still none for you, mom”


Professional grade chillin’


I actually think I’m pointing at a bird this time…


He did so well on the train… until he didn’t. Fortunately, we came prepared.


Beer cures all.

Rochers-de-Naye summit! We made it!

They have a cute little restaurant up there complete with a children’s play area: toys, a little baby kitchenette, a tiny table and chairs, even… but my kid played with this…


What even is this? Also 100% pointing at birds


Heading for previously spotted bird

After running around like a maniac for a little bit, (sitting “still” in a train for an hour is tough) we figured a hungry baby is no sort of baby we want to take to the overlook. So we had some nuggets and fondue!

When you have the opportunity to have fondue atop the Alps, you take it.


Living the dream I didn’t even know I had.

Yet again, we provide our child with toys and he selects a nugget container and a ketchup packet instead…


Acting like he’s chugging it… Thinks it’s hilarious

Next we finally made our way to one of the overlooks. What an absolutely breathtaking sight.

I think I probably have about 100 photos from the same area. Beeps was completely unaware of the glorious purple mountain majesties he was witnessing in front of him but he took it in all the same. This photo represents the entirety of the “Beeps friendly” zone. Most of the overlook area was uneven terrain with zero guard rails. Granted, the paths were wide enough for an adult human not to be worried… but you did need to pay attention.


Stay in your lane Beeps

Thus the giant baby prince had to be carried for the majority of our trek, only getting to walk en route to the overlook. Which was a minor bummer for him because he really gets a kick out of walking with us: making for very slow but very adorable walks…


“You’re slowing me down, Ma”

Again, he does very well until he doesn’t… Once the breakaway attempts start he get the safety schpiel and an instant snatch-up.


The solemn face of defeat


Pensively defeated


“Everything the light touches”

There aren’t words to describe the beauty that is the Rochers-de-Naye overlook. Kenny even made the bold declaration that the breathtaking nature of the view was second only to the Northern Lights we saw in Sweden; and let me tell you, we both hold that in the absolute highest echelon of regard. I think it was the water/mountain range combo pack; plus the thin cloud layer looking like you could just walk right out unto the heavens. Very ethereal.

Sadly, as per usual, photos do not do it justice at all, though, not for lack of trying.



You can see the sunlight reflecting off of Lake Geneva beneath the clouds

You see crosses atop mountains a lot, big fan.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… it’s truly ridiculous how many photos I have of the same few mountains. Clearly, trying desperately (and failing) to capture their essence. C’est la vie, you guys will just have to take my word for it, or visit and see for yourselves:)


Happy boys

Such a great adventure for our little family. We cannot wait to go up Rochers-de-Naye again when Santa (and the Mayers clan) comes to town. He has a house up there with a whole summit Christmas Market: we are going to get to meet him!! Wahoo!

Thanks for reading, guys. Hope you enjoyed the photos!


A very Swiss “cheers” to you all!

3 thoughts on “So Fondue of this Hill Areas Adventure #BadPuns

  1. SO beautiful! Thank you Emmy. The scenery is incredible and K4 is as cute as always. I’m happy you’re able to enjoy it all.

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