Our 1st guest! More, please!

Happy Halloween errbody! A couple of weeks ago Kenny and I played host to one of my very best friends (and future bridesmaid!), Laine Mello. She stayed for a short week and I missed her as soon as she was gone… It was so nice having her here. Some of you might have seen the album I posted on Facebook of our little trip to Paris: a magical experience that I cannot wait to have again! After we returned, Laine, Kenny, and I had the amazing opportunity (thanks to Dave Mello and, of course General and Mrs. Repass) to visit one of the locations for the US Army in Stuttgart: Patch Barracks. It truly was a mini-America; it was almost like being home! It was really cool to see how those who serve America live, it was like a small town within Stuttgart; they have one of everything they need. Plus, it was really nice (and strange) to hear English all around us! General Repass explained to us a bit of what he does on a daily basis. It was really incredible to hear how much these guys deal with that we, as citizens, don’t even know about. The Repass’ showed us around Patch, cooked us a delicious meal, and even gave us gifts of things that Kenny and I have been missing from home, little things like (REAL) Diet Coke and (REAL) Ranch dressing. Lastly, Mrs. Repass (whom I decided may or may not be Superwoman) took us “thrifting.” -Mom, I cannot wait to show you these places- There are several dirt-cheap amd authentic antique stores around Stuttgart! I seriously could have spent hours in there. The Repass’ were very wonderful and down-to-earth people; we cannot begin to express our gratitude for such an excellent day!

After Patch, Kenny and I wanted to take Laine sightseeing. One of our favorite places near Stuttgart was the mountain from our previous posts that holds the Collegium Wirtemburg Weingarten and the Grabkapelle Rotenburg. Kenny and I have always wanted to go back to the winery during opening hours and buy a couple of bottles!

First we drove up the mountain to the Chapel. I know I have already posted many pictures from this place, but we arrived just before sunset, and the view was remarkable.

We walked around the “Chapel of Eternal Love” a few times appreciating the views before we asked Kenny to be our photographer…

Then a nice old German lady took a picture of the three of us!

Stupid bags in the picture. Now… to the alcohol! We were all very excited to discover that the Weingarten was having a wine tasting, only €5 to taste 5 different wines, and generous portions I might add! Laine (proudly) took this little beauty when we sat down…

It was a lot of fun trying the different wines! Lainey, whose alcohol repertoire consists mainly of vodka and more vodka, even liked a few of them!

We passed around our wines in an orderly fashion so we each got a chance to try them all. Laine and I have quite opposite tastes in wine, and Kenny, true to form, pretty much liked them all. Before we left we stopped to enjoy the view and have a few more pictures taken by photographer Kenny.

Then, Laine took some adorable pictures of my darling husband and me:) Thanks Lainey!

That’s not an endearing kiss people, he is about to lick my face.

That’s better! Why was he holding two wine glasses in the pictures you might ask? Because the wine was awesome. Until next time! Cheers!

I love wine. Wine, wine, wine…

After Schloss Rosenstein we continued our adventure with more help from Google and Navi. Grabkapelle Rotenburg was listed as a “must see” so we plugged it in and began our ascent up a winding mountain. En route to our next castle we met with hills upon hills of rows upon rows of some “wein” plant. As it happens we came to find out (according to our Google translate app) that we have entered into a mini wine country. Needless to say I was pumped. I love wine. We had to stop anyway, because the landscape was stunning….

(Side note: I am 99% sure I was on Kenny’s shoulders for this picture) Now, one annoying thing about Europe is that it completely shuts down on Sundays: everything, aside from restaurants, is closed. So when we walked up we were not surprised to discover the “weingut” wasn’t open. However, we still had our fun!

I am not sure which I enjoyed more: the magnificent views, or getting to sneak a taste of all of the different grapes! I made sure to get a picture of our Cabernet grapes for you, Liz.

They were certainly the best grapes we had ever tasted, it was really cool to taste the differences between the grapes that represented each separate wine. The Reisling grapes were just as sweet as the wine itself! Go figure! The endless rows all along the mountainside were truly incredible.

We cannot wait to go back to the Collegium Wirtenburg when it is open and buy a couple bottles of the wine from the grapes we tasted! Onward to our castle! Cheers!